Dadi Janki Park

The park
where one can dig for
The Almighty

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  • Dadi Janki Park is a small tribute from the Godly family to Dadiji, to commemorate her 100 years of selfless and tireless service towards the upliftment of the humanity. Unlike other parks, it is carved out from the natural landscapes of famous Aravali hills and contains numerous varieties of flowers, trees, waterfalls, lakes ,open air theatre and a hut for meditation.

    Close to the mother nature, it assimilates the pure and powerful vibrations flowing from the Rajyoga students visiting the park through out the day. Biographic gallery of Dadji has been developed to give the deep insights to the visitors of the 100 years living legend.


    Dadi Janki Ji

    Administrative Head
    Brahma Kumaris

    Administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Dadi Janki at the age of 100, continues to enlighten and inspire over one million students from around the world.


    Gyan Sarovar

    The Academy For The Better World

    The Academy for the better world, known in Hindi as Gyan Sarovar , offers residential programs and courses on development and practical implementation of human, moral and spiritual values and principles.


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